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Get paid for every customer you refer that makes a purchase. BONUS: Two-Tier Affiliate: If your referral joins our affiliate program, and gets a sale, you get paid a commission, for every sale they make too!

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Affiliate links for your site so you can start earning money now. You can also use the link sent to you in your email when you registered.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much do affiliates earn from coffee sales?
A: 15% of every sale referred by the affiliate. For example, John Doe clicks your affiliate link, buys 5 bags of coffee for $7.98 each and completes checkout. Your account is instantly credited with 15% of the order total. If John Doe comes back in a month or two and buys again, you get paid again too. If John Doe decides he wants to promote our coffee and joins the affiliate program, you get paid for each sale he makes too! It's a Two-Tier Affiliate Program.

Q: Can I buy through my affiliate link and earn a commission for my own purchases?
A: Yes, you sure can. It's like an instant discount everytime. In addition, you can tell friends & family how much you like our coffee (as long as you do!), and send them your affiliate link.

Q: How much does it cost to join?
A: The program is free.

Q: Can I join if I'm not in the United States?
A: Yes but we mainly ship to North America (U.S. & Canada).

Q: Can't I get paid another way besides a check in the mail?
A: Yes, we can send you payments via PayPal instead, but PayPal will deduct part of your payment via their fee. If you do want PayPal payments instead of a check in the mail just contact us and let us know. Use your PayPal email address in your account.

Q: How much money can I earn?
A: There is no limit. If your send a lot of referrals who buy any coffee we offer you earn more and more with each sale from each referral. Because people often purchase coffee monthly, sometimes weekly, you have further business opportunities since each referral you send is recorded for 365 days, so 1 coffee bag per month, as an example, would be 12 sales x your commission for that one customer. Now imagine if you end up with just 10,000 customers like that over time. That's 120,000 sales a year from recurring sales, plus any new referrals you send beyond that. If you buy a lot of coffee and use your own affiliate link you get paid for that too, everytime. If you work in an office that buys a lot of coffee, send them your affiliate link and earn a commission with all those purchases. Many affiliates prefer social media avenues for promoting their affiliate links, like Twitter® & Facebook® posts, social sharing, etc. Think! Work Hard! Do it right and you have an opportunity to earn a lot of money with us.

Q: How do I know Old Chicago Coffee Co. is paying me what I really earned?
A: We're a corporation and have to pay you what you earn. It's illegal not to if we offer it. We're not interested in being closed down by regulators because we didn't make a complete payment to an affiliate.

Q: Do I have to pay income tax on affiliate earnings?
A: Yes, you do. Affiliate earnings paid to you is income, and it is taxable. If you're not in the United States check with your local government for answers about taxes.

Q: What day of the month do you issue payments?
A: We issue affiliate payments on the 27th day of each month. You can expect a payment as long as your earnings are, or have exceeded, the amount shown in the upper right corner of this page.

Q: Can I say I work for the Old Chicago Coffee Co.?
A: No, when you become an affiliate you have the right to earn a commission from your referrals who follow your unique affiliate link. There is no further relationship between us and you. You are not an employee, partner, or otherwise.

Privacy Notice:
Old Chicago Coffee Co. has a strict privacy policy. As an affiliate you will not be able to see who the customer is that purchased any coffee product from our site. Affiliates can only view total earnings from referrals through the assigned affiliate link, and total payments for referrals.
Payment Threshhold


Each time your earnings reach this amount we send a check to the address in your account, payable to the name in your account (so make sure it is correct to get paid!).

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You also earn money on returning customers too!


You earn extra money when a customer joins the affiliate program and makes any sale!