Intellectual Property

If you’re an IP attorney or legal representative of a 3rd party’s intellectual property, including copyrights, trademarks and the like, or if you are the IP owner yourself and have a concern about a brand we may distribute or produce product for please reach out to us. We too are owners of intellectual property and understand the importance of protecting it.

Our organization does extensive searching at the Library of Congress and U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for any product we produce to ensure compliance with IP law. From time to time we may miss something, there’s a lot to search through, sometimes thousands of records. On average we turn down manufacturing and distribution for 2 to 5 brands that select us for dropshipping or private label manufacturing every week until they update their logos, names, imagery, etc. with non-infringing content or text.

If you believe we are manufacturing or distributing product that contains the intellectual property owned by yourself or a party you represent please contact us immediately through our contact form, explaining the situation. We will immediately cease production and hold back any shipments of the questionable product until we can further communicate with you to rectify the situation.